Funny Things My Mom Says

May 12


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May 2

My Mom on My Dad

*After much aggravation caused by my dad*
Desimom: Don’t talk to me until the girls get married.  I want to live to see the day.

Apr 16

My Mom on Screwing

R: ” Well if they don’t care, I don’t care, screw them”

Desimom: “Yeah, screw two or three times!”

My Mom on Her 3 Children’s Cleaning Skills

Desimom: “I give you and Swapna an F”

R: “What, you FAIL ME?!”

Desimom: “Yup, F. Shobana is good. I give her maybe D. But you both are Fs”.

My Mom on Presentations

Desimom: “Presentation should be presentation. Not crap.”

Apr 13

My Mom on Music

*listens* “Somebody is playing Tamil Music?!”

*listens harder*

"Oh, just ice cream man.

Mar 21

My Mom on Pets

Sister: so why don’t you get a dog, mum? 
Desimom: at jewel the other day a customer asked for extra bags to pick up dog poop.
Desimom: i spent years cleaning poop off of you three, why would i want to for a dog

Desimom: a fish is better. they poop and it just mixes with the sand. you don’t even have to worry about it.

Mar 11

My Mom on Her 3 Children

Desimom: “I must be a smart lady to deal with you three bitches.”

My Mom on Stupid People

Desimom: “Stay away from stupid people. They will make you a stupid”

Mar 9

My Mom on Hindi Movies

R: ” Mummy, Do you want to watch a Hindi movie with me”

Desimom: “I don’t know Hindi, only Tamil”

R: “I don’t know Hindi either, I just read the captions”

Desimom: ” I don’t like captions, the words go away too fast for me”.

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